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In 1994 a group of Ethiopians, who had returned home after studying in Germany came up with an idea of forming an association of fellow countrymen educated in Germany and drafted a guideline. The process took a while but, eventually the association was formally registered with the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice and received legal status as “Association of Ethiopians Educated in Germany (AEEG)” in 1997.

The Association has made the following exemplary achievements during the last two decades since its existence (to mention some):

  • Organized and conducted numerous workshops and training seminars over the years on timely and priority crosscutting issues thereby facilitated knowledge transfer and cultural exchange and networking among members on development agenda of Ethiopia;
  • Trained over 500 experts and professionals from stakeholder organisations on effective solid waste management schemes using AEEG’s Pilot Project on Composting of Organic Waste in Kolfe-Kernayo Sub-City, Addis Ababa;
  • As part of its experience sharing schemes, it has facilitated the visit programme of the cross section of the country North to South/East to West (Shire, Axum, Mekelle, Adwa, Gonder, Bahir Dar, Weldia, Desse, Blue Nile, Weliso, Suba Terara, Ankober, Hawassa, Wondo Genet, Arba Minch, Bale Mountains, Dire Dawa, Harara, etc) which in effect was found to be a critical self-knowledge upgrading mechanism of Ethiopia, “hagerehen eweke”.
  • Facilitated the reintegration of over 100 professional returnees from Germany over a period of 7 years;
  • Facilitated the introduction of PhD Programme in Environmental Planning at the Addis Ababa University (AAU) in collaboration with two German Universities (Bonn and Hanover) and the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD);

An important factor in this success has been the consistent and strong support and partnership with partners such as the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Addis Ababa; German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); the Goethe-Institut, the then German Development Service (DED); GIZ;  CIM; the World University Service (WUS); UNHCR; ARRA; Ministry of Education; as well as numerous Ethiopian Universities and Colleges.


  • To see Ethiopians Educated in Germany actively participate and contribute in the process of building a just, peaceful and prosperous nation, Ethiopia.

The Mission of AEEG Are:

  • To assist members in the process of reintegration in the Ethiopian Society so that, they can proactively participate and contribute in the social, economic and cultural development of Ethiopia
  • To facilitate the active participation of Alumni & Alumnae in the cultural exchange & economic cooperation b/n Germany & Ethiopia
  • Encourage and support members to generate and transfer knowledge through evidence based and problem solving research approaches


  • Organize and participate in events like symposiums and discussion fora which serve the enhancement of the professional capacity of members there by facilitate and encourage the knowledge transfer process
  • Create a forum for dialog and experience sharing among returnees
  • Enhance cooperation with academic institutions and other similar associations
  • Strengthen the cooperation with all development organizations, governmental institutions and NGOs that are active in the development process of the country
  • Facilitate the integration of returnees into the Ethiopian Society and support them to settle in Ethiopia and establish their existence
  • Inform newly returned members about the current socio-economic situation and investment opportunities in the country
  • Establish a medial link with all relevant partners
  • Serve as a bridge to fill knowledge gaps in Ethiopia
  • Serve as a bridge between the two sisterly countries Ethiopia and Germany at a grass-root levels for development and cultural exchange schemes

Organisational Structure of AEEG

  • General Assembly consisting of all members
  • Executive Committee consisting of five members elected from the General Assembly
  • Elected Auditor accountable to the General Assembly
  • AEEG’s main Office in Addis Ababa with relevant staff members

Eligibility for Membership:

Ethiopians, who:

  1. Have studied for at least 3 months in Germany;
  2. Accepted the Association’s bylaw;
  3. Age not less than 15 years old;
  4. Pay her/his yearly membership fee; and
  5. Not legally devoid of this right.

Branches of AEEG and Contact persons

  • Adama University, Representative, Dr. Simie Tolla
  • Arbaminch University, Representative, Dr. Mekonnen Ayana/Dr. Kinfe Kassa
  • Bahir Dar University, Representative, Dr. Getachew Alemayehu
  • Haromaya/Dire Dawa University, Representative, Dr. Fekadu Lemssa/ Dr. Fekadu Beyene
  • Gondar University, Representative, Dr. Assegedech Bekele
  • Jimma University, Representative, Prof. Abebaw Gashaw
  • Mekele University, Representative, Dr. Alem Mebrahtu/Dr. Gebrehiwot Tadesse
  • Hawassa University, Representative, Mr. Nebiyu Assefa/Dr. Mohemed Beyan

Current Executive Committee Members

  • Dr. Mesfin Lemma, Chairperson
  • Dr. Alemayehu Mekonnen, V/Chairperson
  • Mr. Merdassa Kasaye, Accountant
  • Mr. Shonde Takaro, Treasurer
  • Mr. Brook Esseye, Secretary

Current Internal Auditor

  • Mr. Lemma Beshah, Internal Auditor

Previous Board Members

  • Dr.-Ing. Gashaw Yayeirad (Chairperson, 1994-1998)
  • Mr. Hailu Zewge (Chairperson, 1999-2003)
  • Mr. Berhanu Berhe (Chairperson, 2004-2008)
  • Dr. Berhanu Gizaw (Chairperson, 2009-2013)
  • Dr.-Ing. Abebayehu ASssefa (Chairperson, 2013-2015)
  • Dr. Gashaw Tefera
  • Mr. Esmehayal Assefa
  • Ms. Mulu Worku (V/Chairperson)
  • Mr. Esmehayal Assefa ( )
  • Sister Sossena Belayneh ( )
  • Dr. Hailu Chanyalew (Auditor, )
  • Dr. Hirut Terefe (V/Chairperson )
  • Dr. Salehu Anteneh ( )
  • Mr. Osman Ali (Auditor, )
  • Dr. Guday Emirie (Vice Chairperson, 2011-2015)
  • Dr. Niway Zergie (Treasurer, 2009-2013)
  • Sister  Sara Mulugeta (2009-2013)
  • Dr. Yemane Teklai (Secretary, 2011-2015)                   

Current Staff Members of AEEG Office

  • Dr. Berhanu Gizaw, Executive Director (Since June 2013)
  • Mr. Ahmed Esmael, DAFI Focal Person (Since March 2016)
  • Ms. Biruktayit Kebede, Accountant/Cashier (Since December 2016)
  • Mr. Teklu Etana, General Purpose Serviceman (Since April 2017)

Former Staff Members of AEEG Office

  • Mr. Girma Teshome, Office Coordinator
  • Mr.  Ermias Gebreyes, Office Coordinator
  • Mr. Waltenegus Wegayehu, Project Coordinator
  • Mr. Anteneh Seyoum, DAFI Focal Person (March 2012-Jan. 2016)
  • Mr. Berhanu Berhe, DAFI Focal Person (Nov. 2011-Jan. 2012)
  • Mr. Tegegn Mengistu, Project coordinator
  • Mr. Giday Degefu, Project Coordinator
  • Mr. Molla Berhanu, Reintegration Advisor
  • Ms. Hamereknoh Tadesse, Secretary
  • Ms. Meaza Taye, Secretary

Contact Persons at the AEEG Office

  • Dr. Berhanu Gizaw, Executive Director (Since June 2013)

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